The Alfred Huberman Writing Award

The Alfred Huberman Award is currently undergoing an update. More information coming soon.

“If I don’t speak, who will?” Alfred Huberman

The Alfred Huberman Award is a writing award designed to encourage young people to learn the lessons of the Holocaust and to ensure that its horrors should never be forgotten.

The Lake District Holocaust Project set up the award in consultation with the family of Alfred Huberman who was one of the 300 child Holocaust Survivors who arrived in the Lake District in 1945. We are proud to invite young people up to the age of 18 in either full-time or part-time education to submit entries through their schools, or as individuals.

In three years over 1500 children have submitted entries. A few examples of winning entries from both Secondary and Primary schools can be found below.

The Travels of a Jew

Remember the Holocaust

Dear Diary

I didn’t do anything wrong

Dear Alfred

I was born in Poland too

A Hedgehog