2021 Triathalon Fundraiser

The 76th anniversary of the Windermere Children arriving in Windermere was to be a special occasion. With the 75th anniversary coinciding with the Covid-19 pandemic, all in person celebrations were postponed. This year, the author of award winning ‘After the War’ children’s book Tom Palmer decided to raise funds for the Lake District Holocaust Project by undertaking a 12 hour triathlon from Carlisle Airport to ‘Ben’s Tree’ at Lakes School on the old site of Calgarth Estate.

Cycling to Pooley Bridge, then canoeing the length of Ullswater before running the final stretch to Ben’s Tree, Tom Palmer raised over £7500 to help us with keeping the story of the Windermere Children alive.

A selection of photos from the day’s events can be seen below.  Courtesy Tom Palmer.