Calgarth Estate

When Short Brothers’ moved a section of their skilled workforce to the new factory near Windermere, they were placed in local billets. In 1941 building work began on a piece of land at Troutbeck Bridge in order to provide 200 married quarters and separate hostels for the 300 single workers.

Calgarth – courtesy of Lorna Pogson

By the end of 1942 there was a complete community with a primary school, two shops, a canteen, assembly hall, club house, laundry, sick bay, policeman and a football team. The settlement was known as Calgarth.

The factory workers called the houses ‘Shorts’ Palaces’ but the locals named Calgarth ‘Chinatown’. It was a community made up of people from industrial towns across the country.

Map of Windermere 1958 – Crown Copyright (1958) All rights reserved.  Licence no. 100047008