Auschwitz to Ambleside Exhibition – Minia talking in film.

Minia’s daughter, Denise looking at artefacts belonging to Minia

Artefacts from Minia’s family

Denise with her husband and Minia’s great grandson

Minia Installation 1

Minia’s granddaughter at the installation with her family

Minia’s granddaughter next to the photograph taken of her at Theresiendstadt

Visitors to the Minia Installation

Minia’s granddaughter and her great grandchildren outside the entrance to Windermere Library and the Lake District Holocaust Project

“Lakes School at Troutbeck Bridge and Denise wanted to walk the walk that I had made with her mother nearly ten years before. We started at the entrance to Lakes School and followed the footsteps I had taken with Minia, and I recalled the conversation. I even forgot that it was being filmed. Denise had also said that she could not quite believe that she had been standing on tiles that her mother probably stood on all that time ago. We had uncovered some during an archaeology dig on the site and Eli just had to be the one to uncover our prize find (a young person’s bone handled pen knife….)”.

Denise with Trevor on a site visit to the Calgarth Estate where her mother stayed

Two Survivors with two second generation at Calgarth near Windermere.

Minia’s granddaughter Sharon on a site visit to Calgarth with Rose

Sharon with her family at the site of one of the Hostels at Calgarth where Minia may have stayed