The Journey


“At the outset, ‘Women of the Interest Zone’ will involve a journey. In fact, the project will involve more than one journey to places both geographical and, I have no doubt, psychological. I have visited one or two of the planned locations before but never with the personal knowledge that I have now ie knowing people and friends who were there when these places were concentration camps and not museums. To personalise the events of what became known as the Holocaust has always been a concern for me. Facts and figures matter, of course they do, but the people that are behind those statistics matter as well. In the case of my friendships with Minia and Mala, I know them as people who had long lives after the Holocaust, had families, had full and rewarding lives. I have learned that many of the people I know, and have known through my work with them and their families, cannot be defined by the Holocaust. They survived, miraculously, and lived for a further seventy plus years afterwards. That means something, it has to.” Trevor Avery, notebook extract.