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LDHP Permanent Exhibition “From Auschwitz to Ambleside”


Child Holocaust Survivors in Prague en route to the Lake District in 1945

Child Holocaust Survivors in Prague en route to the Lake District in 1945

This wonderful exhibition reminds us what should NEVER happen to mankind again. Congratulations Windermere”. P. McIntyre, Australia.

I have taught the Holocaust in Secondary Schools for 10 years – but was unaware of the Windermere Boys. What a great project – keep up the good work”. C. Burgess, London

Powerful, moving and emotional. Their journey was one of fine courage, their survival an inspiration”. Mr & Mrs Pascall, London.


The Lake District Holocaust Project and the permanent exhibition “From Auschwitz to Ambleside” are situated within Windermere Library.

The exhibition tells the story of the three hundred child Holocaust Survivors who came from Eastern Europe to the Lake District in 1945 in order to begin their recovery from years of unimaginable suffering.

It really is a unique and inspiring story of recovery and resilience that links the horrors of the Holocaust with the beauty of the Lake District.

You can find the exhibition on the First Floor and it is accessible by a stairway or lift.

Entrance to the exhibition is free and visitors are welcome.

The exhibition opening hours are
Monday 10 – 1pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 10am – 5pm,
Saturday 10am-1pm.

We look forward to seeing you in the future.

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The locations marked on this OS map of 1958 are Windermere Library, where the Lake District Holocaust Project is now located in Windermere village, and slightly to the north can be seen the site of the ‘lost’ village of Calgarth Estate. The Jewish children stayed on this former wartime workers housing scheme in 1945.

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B’s Buttons – A Holocaust Memorial Project at the Lakes School, Troutbeck Bridge

Next Counting Day at the Lakes School – Saturday April 21 – 10am to 3.30pm

The Lakes School in Troutbeck are looking for volunteers to count the many hundreds of thousands of buttons they have received – the running total to date of buttons counted  is 318,000 but help is urgently needed to continue the count.

Students at the Lakes School are currently working on a Holocaust Memorial Project.  The school is built on the site of the former Calgarth Estate, where the children arrived in 1945.

A Year 10 student came up with the idea of collecting buttons. She perceptively noted that buttons are all different and individual, just like the people who were killed in such awful circumstances.  ‘B’ felt that a memorial should recognise this individuality.

The students eventually decided to collect one and a half million buttons to reflect the children who perished in the Holocaust.  So far nearly 800,000 buttons have been sent with many from around the World but more are still needed.

If you have any spare buttons do please send them to The Lakes School, Windermere, Cumbria LA23 1HW, United Kingdom.


Holocaust Memorial Day 27 January 2018

50 counting volunteers, including students, local councillors, members of the Lakes School Governing Body, representatives from the LDHP, Tim Farron MP, and members of the public from the local area gathered at the Lakes School to take part in counting the buttons.  By the end of the day 180,500 buttons had been counted!  Many thanks to all concerned.


Counting Buttons at the Lakes School

Laura Oram, Teacher & Robbie Gontarz, son of Holocaust Survivor

Laura Oram, Teacher with Robbie Gontarz, son of Holocaust Survivor

Tim Farron MP